Identity in Christ–Who am I?

Finally I am getting back to my blog series, Who am I? This is a series from my personal devotional from 1993 as I studied about my identity in Christ. Here’s my next entry:

January 23, 1993

Romans 1:7

How do I feel about myself today?

I feel insensitive; like a hard rock or stone. I feel aimless and lost and extremely overwhelmed. I don’t know who I am. I don’t even seem to be hearing God’s voice–I’m not even hearing my own. I feel numb, like a shadow is hanging over me. Where am I going? Why am I here? What should my priorities be?

How does God feel about me today?

I am a saint. What bizarre words to say. But despite how worthless and inadequate I feel, God sees me as holy and blameless. This is accomplished by the God who raised Jesus from the dead, so that the “obedience of faith” would spread to all Gentiles, of which I am a part. I am a bond-servant, set apart for the Gospel, I have received grace. I am beloved of God. This is who I am.

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Identity in Christ–God’s Gift!

Here is the continuation of my devotional journal from 1993, titled “Whom am I?”

If you have ever suffered from low self-esteem, may this inspire you to take your eyes off of yourself and put it on God instead!

The following is the journal entry:

January 21, 1993

“Father, I want those you have given me to be with me where I am, and to see my glory, the glory you have given me because you loved me before the creation of the world.”         –John 17:24 NIV

How do I feel about myself today?

Part of me feels like I’m beginning to live–vibrant, attractive… But do I feel like a gift? Something that Christ treasures? Most of the time I feel alone. I don’t know what’s on my heart–there’s a big stone in front of it.

Identity Truth: I am God’s gift to Christ.

How does God feel about me today?

He gave me to Christ. Christ owns me. I do not belong to myself. And Christ’s desire is that I be with Him–to experience the love of the Father, a love that will outlast time. This is His desire for me. I am not alone.

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Who am I? A New Blog Series About Our Identity In Christ

I know it’s been a long time since I’ve posted a blog here. Life gets so busy between running my business, running my home, and homeschooling my son.

But I’ve had it in my mind for some time to do a blog series on our identity in Christ.

I run across this problem periodically. Friends, family members, and clients who struggle with self esteem and lack of confidence, with a sense of inadequacy.

They are drawn to me because I have experienced these things, too. Yes, I have grown immensely, but I have not attained to perfect “God confidence.”

I thought it would be helpful to share here on this blog my journey. Specifically, my journal from 1993.

I had just started a new job after spending two years as a temporary secretary. This was devastating to my ego after having an amazing college experience.

In that year of 1993, I studied passages in the Bible that had to do with my identity in Christ. I asked two basic questions: How I felt about myself and how God felt about me. I found that at first the two answers were as wide as could be, but as the year went on they got closer to closer.

I learned that what I needed was not self esteem, but God esteem. There were many, many valuable lessons that I gleaned from this study, that became a foundation for my adult life.

And now I’m going to share these journal entries with you over the coming weeks and months.

January 19, 1993

I in them and you in me—so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me.

 John 17:23, NIV


Lesson Learned

I am one with God the Father and Jesus the Son.


How do I feel about myself today?

I don’t feel like I am one with the Father and Son. I am very lonely. I am beginning to realize how much I have cut myself off from other people and how little connection I have with others. I never share my heart and I seem to be always wearing a mask. I am just surviving, getting by, afraid to live. To engage life. I feel all my worth is dependent on my looks and performance. Because I fail in both of those, I am not lovable and therefore I do not deserve intimacy. In fact, I am afraid of intimacy…

How does God feel about me today?

He longs to be intimate with me. In fact, I already have Jesus in me and the Father in me. Why? That I may be perfected in unity. Become more like Him. My heart become His heart. For me? NO! So that the world may know that He sent Jesus. I am to be a demonstration of His love to others. The Father loves me, even as the Father loves Jesus.

I am in communion with the Father. He knows the depths and heights of my heart. He wants to know me and for me to know Him. This is true intimacy–an intimacy I cannot grasp. It is there no matter how I feel, or how many masks I skillfully put on.

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Poetry Lesson–How to Write a Fun and Effective One!

Welcome to my AngelBlog! I have been quite remiss to post, but aim to gear back up to post at least once per week!

On today’s blog, I am going to be talking about poetry, since it’s poetry month. I hope you find the following helpful!

Poetry Lesson–How to Write a Fun and Effective One!

victorian roses image

Flowers inspire me to write poetry, like this painting that my Mom made that hangs in my office.

Poetry can be intimidating to teach to your homeschooling child, but it doesn’t need to be.

Here are some ideas to writing a fun and effective poetry lesson:

Whether your K12 child is an elementary student, middle schooler, or high schooler, you can choose the right poet that will turn out to be a great lesson.

Elementary? Try something really fun, like Shel Silverstein. How about having your student write Haikus and then illustrate them? That’s always a fun poetry lesson plan for everyone!

Middle Schooler? Introduce them to Free Verse Poetry from Walt Whitman. Have them write a poem about their favorite animal. This is a great tie in!

High Schooler? Turn to the classical poets like Shakespeare. He wrote many timeless Sonnets. Have your high schooler write their own Sonnet after studying Shakespeare. Be sure to learn all the rules about rhyming schemes and rhythm.

Tie in your poetry lesson with history, art, and music and you will have a winning lesson! In fact, I love combining poetry with art! The painting of roses above, by my mother, Ann Neal, inspired me to write my poem A Seed of Love!

Here’s another great idea—tie your poem in with modern media culture, like comparing Beowulf to The Lord of the Rings. Have your student write an essay about how Tolkein was influenced by Beowulf to write his classic fantasy novels.

Hope you found these poetry lesson ideas helpful! Whatever you decide to do, have fun and you will reach new heights in your homeschooling and beyond!

poetry book ImageWould you like to learn how you can teach your children how to read and write poetry? In honor of national poetry month, I am having a special sale on my extensive how-to poetry guide, Poetry Decoded.

This book includes an extensive poetry analysis form, and it’s interactive!

The book also includes literary terms, exact instructions on how to analyze poetry, classic poet lesson plans, notebooking pages, over 40 activity suggestions and much, much more.

And it is 50% off through April 30 in honor of April being Poetry Month.

Just type in APRILPOETRY upon checkout to receive your discount.

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Painting Victorian Roses © Ann Neal

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Secret Revealed: How to Overcome Any Problem!

I’m curious, on this Valentine’s Day, how’s your love life?

I don’t mean your earthly relationship–I’m talking about the relationship you have with the Lord Jesus. Have you lost your first love?

Because without His love pouring out in your life, you will struggle in your relationships. In every area of your life, actually.

As a fellow believer, I know you are committed to sanctification and to growing in godliness. You want to impact the lives of others and become more like Christ every day.

And you know you need to read the Bible more and learn about who God is and apply that to your life as you live in the grace of God.

Perhaps you’re having a hard time knowing where to start, or maybe you have this sick feeling that you will never be where God wants you to be.

Plus, your busy schedule always seems to get in the way of having dedicated quiet time. Or you don’t know where to start so you try nothing.

Maybe you are experiencing what I’ve experienced many times–so overwhelmed by challenges that you feel like a sinking ship, like you’re drowning. Or being choked by desperation. It could be financial problems, marital problems, problems with your children, with your extended family, challenges you are facing with your health.

Whatever it is, you feel like your problems are overtaking your life.

Can I ask you some questions about that?

What’s that like for you? How is that affecting your life–your relationship with the Lord, your marriage, your parenting? What do you want instead?

Maybe you want to be secure in God’s love, no longer living in fear, but living in a vibrant love relationship with Him that will get you through any hardship and ultimately glorify Him.

Perhaps, as I’ve suggested in the beginning of this email, that you want to be closer to Christ. You want to rekindle your love for Him. After all, as believers we are God’s Bride and are destined for the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

How would it feel if you got that? If you prepared for that ultimate day starting NOW!

That would be an incredible way to live, wouldn’t it?

Can I share something with you? God sees you as a jewel. He sees you as worthwhile. He sees you as a precious treasure. He sees you, yes, as His bride!

How do I know that? I’ve studied key passages about Jesus’ love for for years. It is changing my “stinking thinking” and has completely transformed me. I have gone from a very insecure person filled with self-hatred and self-rejection to a woman willing to embrace new, scary challenges. I have more peace and joy and love than ever before! Because I know Jesus’ loves me and He’s going to see me through even the very hardest of times.

That’s why I know that Jesus sees you as beautiful. If He can do that for me, He can do that for you.

If I could help you get that kind of security, that kind of transformation, would you be interested in hearing more?

Well, read on to find out more!

Here’s how I can help you. You know how some people don’t understand Jesus’ love for them or don’t even know how to have a quiet time or don’t feel secure in His love? I help them find a solution to these problems by showing them how God sees them by guiding them through amazing passages of Scripture.

I help believers become closer to Christ through a quiet time guide called Falling in Love with the Bridegroom Devotional. These are not my words. I am giving you a plan of around 100 verses that you can read, meditate on, soak in, and journal about.

These are verses that will deeply impact your life. Because they are all carefully selected verses to help you fall in love with Jesus, your Bridegroom.

And don’t worry. I never encourage taking the Word out of context. In fact, I stress reading the passages in their full context in whatever versions you are most comfortable with. Go to the Scripture first and foremost! This is just a plan to help you achieve your goal of becoming more intimate with Christ.

I give you questions you can ask to get the most out of your study of God’s Word. I help you create a beautiful quiet time with the Lord by sharing with you some ideas based on tried and true principles handed down to me by godly men and women. I help you gain insight into how to have quiet times when you are frantically busy, even if you have young ones and never can get a moment to yourself.

And plus, I make it very convenient. You can either print out the journal pages and write on them or you can type your responses interactively into your desktop.

How does that sound to you?

Imagine you were able to focus on God’s character and on His love for you instead of dwelling on your problems or living in insecurity and fear. How would that benefit your whole life? What would it be worth to you?

To me, Jesus is worth everything. He asks me to love Him with my whole heart, soul, and mind. But this can be difficult if you can’t grasp in your heart how much He loves you. Even if you know that He died for you, that is knowledge in your brain. It has to travel a few inches down, or deep into your soul. I know this because I have experienced it and now I want to help you overcome this thinking.

So you know you want that. What’s the next step?

Take advantage of my special flash sale! This is my special Valentine’s Day gift to you! A gift of God’s love!

How can you take advantage of it?

I have reduced my Falling in Love with the Bridegroom Devotional to a phenomenal price.

Today only you can purchase your copy for $2.

Two dollars for months and months of incredible passages that will bring you closer to Christ and transform your life.

What do you think? Is your relationship with God worth that small investment?

After all, you spend more money on a cappuccino at Starbuck’s or a smoothie at Kiva Juice.

But maybe right now the thought of spending $2 is overwhelming to you.

If it wasn’t for the money, is this something you would want to move forward with?

Think about this. What is it costing you to live in this overwhelm and insecurity? If you don’t invest in yourself and in your relationship with your Savior, where is it going to lead you? Are you going to reach the goal that you are committed to, of growing in godliness? Will you be able to love others if you don’t realize yourself how much you are loved and fall head over heals in love with Jesus?

Think about the $2 as a gift to God for Valentine’s Day. After all, didn’t you spend more than that on a card for your husband? I know I did!

Perhaps you are concerned about the time involved in completing this devotional.

Can I ask you a question? If I waved a magic wand that created plenty of time in your schedule, is this something you would want to move forward with?

What would your life be like if you chose to spend time with Jesus learning how you can fall in love with Him instead of worrying about your problems constantly?

I heard a terrifying statistic awhile ago. Less than four percent of Christians have a quiet time. No wonder the church is in so much trouble right now. Do you want to be in that statistic or make it change?

If you don’t spend the time on your relationship with Christ now, how is this going to effect you in the future?

Can I share what I see is possible for you if you were to do this devotional?

You will know how to focus on the character of Jesus and His love for you rather than focus on your problems and worries. You will be transformed day by day into the person God wants you to be. And you will know where He wants you as you seek Him with your whole heart, with total love and adoration.

So I’m wondering, if you don’t make this a priority now, what will happen?

Isn’t Valentine’s Day a perfect time to start? After all, how important is your relationship with Jesus to you?

And what would it take for you to be able to really live this dream?

Just like when you fell in love with your husband, it took an investment of time and money.

So I’m wondering if you did create the time and if you did really trust and have that faith–had the courage and went for it–how would that be?

Are you ready to create that time for God, for yourself?

Then click here to grab your copy before it’s too late! The sales ends at midnight Eastern time tonight!

And enter the coupon code FLASHSALE upon checkout to get your special Valentine’s Day Gift!

May you have an amazing Valentine’s Day filled to the brim of God’s abundant love and may you pour that love on others around you so God gets all the glory!

P.S.  Want to get the companion study Becoming God’s Bride for FREE? Fill out my survey and you will have access to a free copy upon completion by clicking here. More than a $10 value!

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Gentle Savior, Lead Me Like a Shepherd

bedded down meadow imageI will not tell a lie… these last four years have been very hard on my family like so many others suffering in America.

I was hoping for a fresh start today with a new president, one that has a big vision for America and who welcomes success instead of punishing it. One who lives out what he believes. A man I came to respect more and more as I started to view him without the filter of the media.

And then there’s the fear for my country. Slipping toward communism one step at a time. What kind of future will we have? What kind of life will their be for my son?

Yesterday (election day), I was determined not to be on any electronic media. I lived in a blessed silent bubble for a day. I spent the time in intense prayer, very anxious for the outcome desired, fearing that it was impossible. “Hope deferred makes the heart sick,” Scripture says.

Then God challenged me. Do I love Him more than my country? Absolutely! I had to give it to Him, and He chose to take it away. I don’t understand why. I don’t understand how 50 percent of America can seemingly choose freebies over freedom. And the moral decay is absolutely frightening. But the Lord gives and the Lord takes away. The question is, will I still be able to praise Him? That was the challenge He gave me on election night.

So I spent that evening writing a poem, based on Psalm 23, and put all my feelings of the last four years into it.

Honestly, I don’t know how I am going to survive another four years. But God does, and that’s all I need to know.

Here is the poem. I will be making it into a song:

Gentle Savior, Lead Me Like a Shepherd

Copyright 2012 by Dana Susan Beasley

Gentle Savior, lead me like a shepherd
Gentle Savior, bring me to a place of
    breathtaking beauty,
So I can drink deeply of your love
And know that there is no one on Earth
    or Heaven I need more than

Gentle Savior, guide me in the way
    you see most fitting
Make me more like you for your
    glory and because of
    your love.

Gentle Savior, hold my hand
    when I walk through times of trouble,
    thunder pounding, winds rising,
    cliffs looming
        as I stumble in the dark.
But your presence is a light.
Because I cling to my gentle Savior
    who leads me in safety
        to the other side.

Gentle Savior, because of you I am unafraid
    of evil and I can stand with your
    strength in the fight against the
You comfort and hold me when all seems
    uncertain and I wonder if
    the soul-destroyer will win,
    at least for a little while.

Gentle Savior, you already planned
    a great feast where I will gladly
    celebrate your victory
Because you are my champion
    ever showing me the way.

Gentle Savior, you revive me when
    I am worry-weary
And you will fill my life with
    blessings so abundant
    they spill over.

Gentle Savior, day by day you pursue
    me with your love and goodness
And you have made your home in my heart.
One day, in heaven, I will be at home
    with you forever.

Are you afraid for your future and for the future of your children? Download my free audio on how you can have a dazzling future in any economy!

© Bruce Macqueen |

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Poems on Family Love–My New Original Poem on the Legacy of Family!

Poems on Family Love ImageWell, I have been SOOOO neglecting this blog! Much has happened in the last few months since I updated this page last!

After concentrating so much on my marketing blog, I am trying to get back to my creative side.

So I will start with a poem that I wrote not too long ago.

I wrote it for a friend of mine who needed a special poem for a special event. When she told me she wanted it to be about the legacy of family, I immediately turned to one of my favorite family pictures for inspiration (see picture, right). It’s a picture of my three oldest siblings holding hands as they looked out into the ocean.

So here’s the poem. I hope you enjoy!

The Legacy of Family

The Legacy of Family,
A devoted band of little ones growing strong together,
Like tall cedar trees thick with greenery,
    reaching to the heavens.

The Legacy of Family,
A joyous dance that defeats the ages,
    defeats uncertainty, defeats any kind of agony or trouble.

The Legacy of Family,
A love more fathomless than an ocean,
    immeasurable like the heavens.

The Legacy of Family,
A gift from God bestowed on mothers and fathers,
    brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents
        and friends who come along with us on the journey.

The Legacy of Family,
A dream shared, emboldened for new and exciting adventures,
    destinies dared and celebrations thoroughly savored.

The Legacy of Family,
The richness of bliss, like the blossom of a rose,
    opening up in Spring,
Jewel-toned and dazzling as the summer sky.

Because hand in hand we walk together, cherished in companionship
    and grace pours down like gentle rains on a cozy Autumn night.

The Legacy of Family will guide us all,
    through turbulent times and enchanting eras.

And even if we must part for a little while,
    to Him we are more precious than the sparrows
And more beautiful than wildflower meadows
    dressed in the sapphire loveliness of bluebonnets
        and bluebells.

The Legacy of Family,
A promise of blessing, divinely appointed by the Holy One,
    Our Heavenly Father,
Sealed forever in the Blood of His Son.

—Dana Susan Beasley


Copyright Dana Susan Beasley. All Rights Reserved.


Did you like this poem? You will LOVE this!


Introducing my new Legacy of Family Poetry Poster!

You can have this beautiful poster for your own home! Or would make a great gift!

Just click here now to order your own copy!

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