Poems on Family Love–My New Original Poem on the Legacy of Family!

Poems on Family Love ImageWell, I have been SOOOO neglecting this blog! Much has happened in the last few months since I updated this page last!

After concentrating so much on my marketing blog, I am trying to get back to my creative side.

So I will start with a poem that I wrote not too long ago.

I wrote it for a friend of mine who needed a special poem for a special event. When she told me she wanted it to be about the legacy of family, I immediately turned to one of my favorite family pictures for inspiration (see picture, right). It’s a picture of my three oldest siblings holding hands as they looked out into the ocean.

So here’s the poem. I hope you enjoy!

The Legacy of Family

The Legacy of Family,
A devoted band of little ones growing strong together,
Like tall cedar trees thick with greenery,
    reaching to the heavens.

The Legacy of Family,
A joyous dance that defeats the ages,
    defeats uncertainty, defeats any kind of agony or trouble.

The Legacy of Family,
A love more fathomless than an ocean,
    immeasurable like the heavens.

The Legacy of Family,
A gift from God bestowed on mothers and fathers,
    brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, cousins and grandparents
        and friends who come along with us on the journey.

The Legacy of Family,
A dream shared, emboldened for new and exciting adventures,
    destinies dared and celebrations thoroughly savored.

The Legacy of Family,
The richness of bliss, like the blossom of a rose,
    opening up in Spring,
Jewel-toned and dazzling as the summer sky.

Because hand in hand we walk together, cherished in companionship
    and grace pours down like gentle rains on a cozy Autumn night.

The Legacy of Family will guide us all,
    through turbulent times and enchanting eras.

And even if we must part for a little while,
    to Him we are more precious than the sparrows
And more beautiful than wildflower meadows
    dressed in the sapphire loveliness of bluebonnets
        and bluebells.

The Legacy of Family,
A promise of blessing, divinely appointed by the Holy One,
    Our Heavenly Father,
Sealed forever in the Blood of His Son.

—Dana Susan Beasley


Copyright Dana Susan Beasley. All Rights Reserved.


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About angelarts

Dana Susan Beasley is principal/publisher of AngelArts, a creative arts agency and publishing house. Dedicated to providing excellently-designed ebooks, books, cards, stationery, gifts, and art services to inspirational artists and art enthusiasts, Dana delights in sharing her gifts and talents and the talents of others with people who are passionate about spiritual, personal, professional, ministrial, artistic, and relational growth. If you like this blog you'll love Dana's products and services that will help you reach new heights in your life, home, relationships, homeschooling, business, ministry, and artistry. Her products and services range from unique gifts and cards that will inspire your friends, family and associates and YOU; to ebooks and books that will transform your life TODAY; to brand marketing and product design that will make your business stand out above the crowd! While Dana's expertise is in graphic arts, writing, publishing, and music, she also is a homeschooling mother devoted to working at home. Her desire is that AngelArts, and her work, will be a vehicle for God's glory. Because she is always reaching for new heights in her life and beyond and wants to inspire others to do the same! You can learn more about Dana's products and services at http://www.angelarts.biz.
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2 Responses to Poems on Family Love–My New Original Poem on the Legacy of Family!

  1. SHERRY LISZAK says:

    I have tried unsuccessfully to obtain your poster Legacy of Family!
    Please help

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